Mango Sherbet Infused Pre-Roll 5-pack | 2.5g



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Enjoy these pocket sized vibes with Baby Jeeters

  • 5 Pre-rolls
  • 0.5 grams each

Introducing Liquid Diamonds – the cleanest, strongest concentrate on the market. They’re concentrated THCA diamonds melted into an incredibly pure oil. With less plant material to mask the taste, these Liquid Diamond Pre-Rolls provide an exceptional flavor with the most aromatic terpenes available. With their unbelievable potency, taste and purity, you’ll wish these diamonds lasted forever.

Jeeter Logo

JEETER was born in the city & surburban streets of South Florida. The name “Jeeter” was a catchy slang within the local culture that was the alternative name for a joint. The slogan was quickly coined, “Pass the Jeeter” and became common language to our crew!


Fast forward to a decade later and we have brought Jeeter to life in the California cannabis markets. Built on nostalgic memories, Jeeter is now one of the leading pre-roll brands in California.


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Mango Sherbet Infused Pre-Roll 5-pack | 2.5g
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