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Pie Hoe Strain: A High-Quality Cannabis Strain

The Pie Hoe Strain is a popular hybrid strain of cannabis that is well-known for its strong effects and high potency. It is a cross between two other popular strains, Grape Pie and Tahoe OG, and has quickly gained a reputation as one of the most potent strains available on the market today.

Appearance and Aroma

The Pie Hoe Strain is characterized by its bright green buds that are covered in a thick layer of resin. The buds are often shaped like Christmas trees and are dense to the touch. When you break apart the buds, you will notice a strong aroma of sweet and sour fruit, with a hint of pine and earthiness.


When smoked, the Pie Hoe Strain has a delicious flavor that is sweet and fruity with a hint of spice. The smoke is smooth and easy to inhale, making it a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs.

Effects and Benefits

The Pie Hoe Strain is known for its potent effects, which can be felt almost immediately after smoking. It produces a strong body high that is deeply relaxing and can help to relieve stress and tension. At the same time, it also produces a cerebral high that can boost creativity and focus, making it a great choice for those who need to get work done.

Aside from its recreational benefits, the Pie Hoe Strain also has a number of medicinal benefits. It can help to relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, making it a popular choice among medical cannabis users.

Growing Information

The Pie Hoe Strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but it requires a warm and humid climate to thrive. It is a relatively easy strain to grow, making it a good choice for novice growers. However, it does require regular pruning and trimming to ensure that it produces the best possible buds.

When grown indoors, the Pie Hoe Strain has a flowering time of around 8-9 weeks and can produce yields of up to 500 grams per square meter. When grown outdoors, it can be harvested in late September to early October and can produce yields of up to 700 grams per plant.


The Pie Hoe Strain is a high-quality cannabis strain that is perfect for both recreational and medicinal users. With its strong effects, delicious flavors, and easy growing requirements, it is no wonder why it has quickly become one of the most popular strains available today. Whether you are a seasoned cannabis user or a beginner, the Pie Hoe Strain is definitely worth trying out.

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